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Bonita Springs Fishing Charters

If you are looking for a great fishing experience you need to book a fishing charter with Bonita Fishing Charters located in Bonita Springs Florida. We offer a wide variety of different fishing charters including, Bonita Springs Tarpon fishing charters, Bonita Springs Snook fishing charters and Bonita Springs night fishing charters. All of our fishing charters are light tackle and we fish inshore exclusively. Our clients can enjoy a fun fishing trip in Bonita Springs and the soak in the solitude of the Bonita Springs back country lagoons and flats

The best Bonita Springs Tarpon fishing begins in April and runs through October, we concentrate our efforts on the local resident Bonita Springs Tarpon that are present every day and bite reliably. Clients are much happier catching Tarpon of 20 to 50 pounds, rather than spending an entire day on the Gulf of Mexico looking for a Tarpon over 100 pounds. Those big migratory Tarpon in the Gulf can be extremely hard to find on a daily basis and we don’t believe they represent the kind of consistency it takes to put our clients on fish everyday.

Capt. Eric Anderson is a top rated Bonita Springs fishing guide with over 35 years of experience guiding clients for many different species. There are very few fishing guides that have fished all over the United States and the Caribbean, that can bring such a wealth of experience to every fishing charter we offer. Capt. Scott Anderson is the newest member of our Bonita Springs fishing charters family and is an outstanding guide in his own right. He learned from time on the water with his dad helping clients learn how to cast and better fight fish. It does take a special kind of person to be a guide, there’s so much more to the job than fishing alone. That’s why so many tournament anglers make very poor guides it just isn’t in their make up to do it. Capt. Scott has been lucky to have learned from one of the best in the business, and his clients echo that statement on every charter.

Our unique Bonita Springs night fishing charters give clients the chance to experience charter fishing at night with a expert night fishing guide. There’s nothing as exciting seeing hundreds of Snook in a single night and watch many of them chase after your Lure. The hardest part of our Bonita Springs night fishing charters for clients is trying not to set the hook too soon. You see that a fish chasing the bait and about the time it looks like it’s about to bite clients often set the hook before the strike and take the lure away from the fish. The end result is an extremely confused fish wondering where the bait went and it upset angler for setting the hook before the actual strike. For your next Bonita Springs fishing adventure fishing adventure be sure to contact us in Bonita Springs so we can be of book an exciting fishing charter for you in Bonita Springs.

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